Email management​

Is your inbox overwhelming? Let me help you by organizing a system for tasks and responses.

File organization

If you’re looking for someone to set up an electronic filing system look no further. I’ve been successful helping multiple executives with different filing systems that work for their style. 

Calendar management

Do you need help scheduling meetings? I’m a wizard with complicated executive calendars that are always changing. In my trade we call it calendar tetris and I’m an expert. 

Data entry

Do you have a data entry project? I have the ability to accurately enter data quickly into different databases. 

Process documentation

Are you struggling to document processes in your business? In my years of being an executive assistant there have been many times where we’ve needed to document new or changing processes. There can be flow charts, organizational charts and step by step process documents that can help with training new staff or just having documentation for that just in case scenario. 

Expense reporting

Do you need help organizing receipts and expenses? I’ve used multiple types of expense reporting softwares and am always open to learning new software.

Schedule a Consultation

I would love to hear about your business goals! We can discuss your needs and I’ll explain available discounts by mixing and matching services.

My goal is to help YOUR business grow!